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Friant Dash Workstations0


Our challenge was to design and build a one-stop line that fit in stylish offices while being functional and flexible to fit into many uses. The answer came with Dash, a modern line with a contemporary look that features mix and match components that are perfect for Private Offices, Open Workspaces, Conference Rooms, Collaboration Spaces, Storage Solutions, and more!
Friant Workplace Furniture Interra System Render 5 1


Interra is a modern frame and tile system available in 3 different paint finishes, offering infinite design variations to meet any workspace needs. It’s durable 2.5” thin profile frames are stackable, allowing for ease of assembly and reconfiguration. The many features including a range of work surface leg options, open base panels, window tiles and frameless glass, make it the perfect systems product for today’s fast-paced environments.
SYSTEM 2 4.3

System 2

System 2 is a time-honored classic. A sturdy monolithic panel system, with easy installation and practical functionality. The classic design featuring our honeycomb core construction provides the durability and flexibility to meet the needs of any office environment. System 2 is available in all standard Friant fabrics and laminates, making it simple to create a consistent look throughout your office.

Sienna Collection

The OfficeSource Sienna Collection is the perfect addition to any office setting. This OfficeSource Collection suits any need for mid century modern office furniture that you may be inspired by. This furniture is both functional and beautiful with its sleek and elegant design. You can see only top quality craftsmanship goes into the making of these pieces.
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Variant Collection

The Variant Collection gives you options to spruce up any office space. Featuring many desk accessories, you can create the environment you need to be your most productive self. Give yourself options, when you shop the Variant Collection.
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Apex Series

Apex adapts to the activities of individuals and groups, creating a workplace that compels achievement. With multiple modular pieces that can integrate with our signature Maverick series and height adjustable tables, Maverick can join in your ascent. Available in our 20 standard colors.
MXitUp Retouch OD21001


Together these products create an economical solution for the simplified workstation. Bring power and privacy to where you need it. The Power Beam offers simple privacy screens, allowing for flexibility now and later. With the increased need for power and technology in solo workstations and collaborative working spaces, the Height Adjustable Desk and Power Beam is your solution!


As the most popular member of our systems offering, Prefix represents a distinguished place in our commitment to our future. Various panel heights can be used to maintain privacy or encourage collaboration. Customize Prefix with sliding or lockable hinged door overheads to suit your privacy needs. Prefix gives you the confidence of a proven product line with the progression of a new office system.
Emerge Reception HiRes 4to3


Designed with the flexibility to change over time and durability for long lasting service, Emerge is the frame and tile solution for many environments. The steel construction, variety of fabric and finish options, ease of installation and reconfiguration gives you peace of mind for changes ahead.
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CORE by Safe-T is designed for employees’ safety and peace of mind. It operates as a one-stop resource to create a COVID safe environment for people working in commercial offices, healthcare, assisted living facilities, and educational spaces.
OFB FOF Range 6 Pack With edeg and end panels


Movement and well-being go hand-in-hand. Range inline height adjustable benching offers the ability to change work surface heights throughout the day to ensure movement throughout the day. These smart, intentional transitions between sitting and standing can relieve stress, engage muscles and nourish the body with improved blood flow. Range supports a different way to work, where movement inspires health, productivity, and creativity.
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Architecture Uninterrupted. Swiss architect and designer Daniel Korb developed Eleven around a fundamental concept: “Furniture is Architecture on a Different Scale”. This inspires furniture created for functionality and connectivity to support where people interact. Informed by the international style and an architect’s attention to detail, Eleven is an adaptable, sustainable collection that scales from private to open spaces.
FOF STAKSCrossover Grid 01


Designers Pam Light and John Duffy imagined places where furniture supported the way people work, rather than dictating it. Through conversations and sketches, they created Staks—a design vocabulary of furniture that fosters a habitat that feels personal and natural, includes eclectic textures and patterns, and scales flexibly to individual needs. We’ve added new options for soft, rounded surfaces to that vocabulary, including beautiful wood legs that evoke a sense of home in any setting.


Interiors have become activated and people work where they land. Bouncing from height-adjustable worksurfaces to the casual gatherings centered around softer seating, the common need is still power. Inspired by this nomadic affinity, Agile distributes data, power or both to places for individuals and groups. Agile, designed by PLD Design, evolved to solve for movement, reconfigurability and versatility in work and learning environments. Sliding perches and planter boxes along with surfaces, privacy elements and lots of color choices, Agile gives you a reason to get excited about power.


Emerge offers an extensive selection of frame and tile solutions in countless combinations with fabric, laminate, and glass options that coordinate with open plan workstations.


Smartspace benching provides the opportunity for a simpler, more affordable solution while retaining a level of aesthetics, flexibility and adaptability for future change.
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