Sit-to-Stand For Your Health and Well-Being

Sit-to-Stand For Your Health and Well-Being

Mar 29th 2019

While trends come and go, adding furnishings to increase mobility and movement in today's office environment is now standard practice in space planning. With increasing health issues related to a sedentary lifestyle, companies today are making it a priority to provide flexible ergonomic solutions to their employees. 

From sit-to-stand desks that include programmable keypads, charging stations at desk height for easy access, and perching stools to provide balance and movement throughout the day, we know that any amount of variation in posture that breaks up prolonged sitting will contribute to overall health and engagement in the workplace. 

According to Humanscale, "...incorporating height-adjustable solutions in to your workstation is essential for a balanced and healthy way of working. The benefits of sit/stand go beyond increasing our well-being and reducing the risk of injury. Research has shown that standing for just 15 minutes every hour boosts circulation, takes pressure off the spine and balances muscle use. This simple refresh of the body and mind can enhance productivity and reduce fatigue." 

Surprisingly, these options available to companies today are much more competitively priced than they were several years ago, making it possible for a company to embrace both providing a healthy environment while meeting the budget.

One of the opportunities with these desks is for customization, making the desks sized to the user's needs but also adding unique combinations of tops can create a special look. For instance, adding a solid wood top can instantly turn a plain desk into a statement. 

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